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Nursing Services

Our nursing services are available 24-hours, 7-days a week. Hospice nurses are specially trained in symptom management and pain management. Other nursing services include helping with dietary concerns and ordering medical equipment that is needed. A home health aide may be assigned to assist with the personal care of the patient. Working in conjunction with the hospice nurse they are a vital part of the team and provide personal grooming needs for the patient.

Hospice nurses may act as a liaison between the patient/family and the physician. As the patient’s condition weakens, this role becomes even more valuable. Because of the impact of this role on the patient/family, it is important for a patient to enter a hospice program as early as possible. An early referral allows the patient/family enough time to develop trust with the hospice nurse before death occurs.

Spiritual Care

Advance Hospice Care of America, Inc. acknowledges the importance of the spiritual dimension in the services provided to our patients and their families. Our hospice-trained chaplains have important contributions to offer in the area of spiritual support. The chaplains of Advance Hospice Care of America, Inc. are concerned for the spiritual well-being of our patients as they face the end-stage of life and for the family member as they provide the care.

Our chaplains will provide:

  • Support of the faith of our patient's and families without religious boundaries

  • A listening ear during the end-of-life and difficult times

  • Practical help and comfort in times of grief and crisis situations

  • Opportunities to recall personal experiences of God’s sustaining, protective, and healing presence

  • Support when distressed by religious or spiritual dilemmas

  • Assistance in contacting your clergy or locating representation of your own religious traditions

All patients and family members are encouraged to consider how spiritual care might help relieve some of the non-physical pain and suffering brought on by the crisis of life threatening illnesses. A terminal illness diagnosis may become a time of questioning and reflection about the significance of one’s life and the meaning of one’s death, whether or not one considers himself or herself to be religious or spiritual.

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Social Work Services

Advance Hospice Care of America, Inc. offers social work / counselor services to every patient and his or her family. The social worker assesses patient and family resource needs, as well as coping and emotional needs.

The social worker assists with:

  • The assessment of the psychosocial status of patients, caregivers, and families related to the patient’s disease process and environment.

  • Review options for end of life home care.

  • Linking community resources with patient and family.

  • Facilitate communication within and between patient, family, friends and community.

  • Assist patient and family in understanding the emotional aspects of death, dying and grief.

  • Assistance with decision making and problem solving surrounding the multiple issues at the end of life.

  • Information concerning advance directives, durable power of attorney, financial/legal concerns.

The social worker can help decrease the feelings of vulnerability, loss of control and independence through counseling and education. 

At Advance Hospice Care of America, Inc. we know that being a caregiver is a demanding role, and we will do all that we can to lend support. The social worker is available to help with understanding the experience of caregiving and finding additional resources if the need arises. Additional areas the social worker can assist in are:

  • Feeling of guilt when wanting or needing a break.

  • Anger because you feel no one understands.

  • The frustration of unsolicited advice from friends and family.

  • When it seems no one brings comfort or knows what to do or say.

The social worker can educate about accessing community agencies or offer individual or family counseling around coping with grief. Through supportive care the social worker will be present for the patient and family. The social worker is part of the hospice team and collaborates daily in caring for you or your loved one.

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Volunteers have a vital role in hospice care. With generous love and caring, volunteers provide an added comfort to the care of the dying, a listening ear to the grieving family member, and quality support to the hospice staff.

Hospice volunteers come from all age groups and have a variety of cultural, social and professional backgrounds. The one thing that all volunteers have in common is a desire to help where needed.

When you choose to volunteer, no matter what you do, you will be helping to provide quality care for hospice patients and families. By sharing your time and talents you can change a life.

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Grief is not an illness, but the normal process of reacting to significant changes in one’s life. Bereavement is learning how to live with the change caused by the loss of a significant person.

The staff at Advance Hospice Care of America, Inc. helps people through the bereavement by promoting positive ways to soften the pain of a loss. Although each individual responds to loss in a unique way, people in grief often feel shock, denial, fear, anger, resentment, hostility, powerlessness, and deep loneliness.

Our bereavement services provide follow-up for the families we have served for at least 13 months, even longer if necessary. We offer individual grief support, referrals to grief recovery groups, and to other community resources. This grief support is free of charge and It is confidential.

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Bilingual Services

Advance Hospice Care of America, Inc. has staff members how speak the following languages:

Bengali Polish
German Punjabi
Hindi Russian
Japanese Sanskrit
Mandarin Spanish

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Spiritual Care

Social Work Services



Bilingual Services